Updated Timeline for the New GMATâ„¢ Focus Edition

gmat gmat focus edition Mar 31, 2023

The GMAC released additional guidance this week about the timeline for the new GMAT™ Focus Edition exam.

It's still not very specific, but it provides at least a little more clarity that should help you as you're planning your GMAT prep and MBA application schedule.

Specifically, here's what they've announced in terms of official prep materials, registration, and appointment availability:

  • Official prep guides available — Late Q2 2023
  • Registration opens — Q3 2023
  • Testing starts — Q4 2023

There will be a few months of overlap once the new GMAT™ Focus Edition launches where students will still have the option of taking the current GMAT. That's expected to remain available through Q1 2024.

If you're on pace to take the GMAT during that overlap period, let us know and we'll help you make the best decision about which version to go with. And of course once all of the final details about the new exam are available, we'll put the finishing touches on our...

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