Get Ready for the New, Shorter GRE

gre Jun 05, 2023

Big changes are coming to the GRE, effective September 22, 2023.

The first and most important change is that the testing time of the exam will be cut in half, from nearly four hours to just under two. That's being accomplished by reducing the number of questions on the Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning sections and eliminating the experimental section.

The "Analyze an Argument" essay is also going away.

The second big change is that official score turnaround time will reduce from 10-15 days to 8-10 days.

Pretty good stuff from the test-taker standpoint!

The reason for these changes are explained by ETS as follows:

"These changes are intended to provide test takers with a better experience that values their time and reduces anxiety and fatigue, ultimately helping them to complete and submit their applications more quickly."

Here's what's NOT going to change:

  • Score scales will remain the same so that admissions officers can easily compare performance across individuals who...
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Updated Timeline for the New GMATâ„¢ Focus Edition

gmat gmat focus edition Mar 31, 2023

The GMAC released additional guidance this week about the timeline for the new GMAT™ Focus Edition exam.

It's still not very specific, but it provides at least a little more clarity that should help you as you're planning your GMAT prep and MBA application schedule.

Specifically, here's what they've announced in terms of official prep materials, registration, and appointment availability:

  • Official prep guides available — Late Q2 2023
  • Registration opens — Q3 2023
  • Testing starts — Q4 2023

There will be a few months of overlap once the new GMAT™ Focus Edition launches where students will still have the option of taking the current GMAT. That's expected to remain available through Q1 2024.

If you're on pace to take the GMAT during that overlap period, let us know and we'll help you make the best decision about which version to go with. And of course once all of the final details about the new exam are available, we'll put the finishing touches on our...

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What's a Good EA Score?

My father once told me that if you don't know where you're going, it's kinda hard to get there.

How true.

When it comes to getting in to business school, "getting there" means understanding the application requirements of the EMBA / MBA programs you're applying to — including their expected Executive Assessment (EA) score.

And that, my friends, suggests the answer to the question, What's a good EA score?

A good EA score is whatever will get you accepted by the schools to which you're applying.


Now, I know that may not be the answer you were hoping to hear when you clicked to read this article. But it's the answer you need to hear. Too many students are obsessed with getting the highest score possible. But why? Your goal is to get into business school. As such, your target score on the Executive Assessment should be something within the average range of scores for admitted students at your target schools. Nothing more, nothing less.

That said, there are some...

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Ideal Pacing Strategy for the Executive Assessment

emba executive assessment Jun 16, 2022

Effective time management is a crucial component of success on the Executive Assessment (EA). Given unlimited time, a lot of students can solve even the most challenging EA math and verbal questions. But what happens when the clock is ticking and you feel pressure to perform under the time constraints of test day? It's important that you handle this part of the exam well, and the approach we lay out in this article will teach you how.

EA Timing: A Better Way

The biggest mistake a lot of students make when it comes to pacing the Executive Assessment is that they think about timing on a per-question basis. On the Integrated Reasoning section, you have 30 minutes to complete 12 questions, equating to 2:30 per question. On the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections, you have 30 minutes to complete 14 questions, or approximately 2:08 per question. 

But it's not quite that simple. Some questions take longer to complete than others. Reading Comprehension often takes...

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Key Differences Between the Executive Assessment and GMAT Exams

The GMAT has long been the standardized test used by business schools to screen applicants for admission. Recently, however, a new entrance exam has come onto the scene: the Executive Assessment (EA). The EA is rapidly gaining traction as more and more business programs are accepting it in lieu of the GMAT, and applicants are increasingly attracted to the Executive Assessment for a variety of reasons.

Given that the Executive Assessment was created by the same organization (the Graduate Management Admission Council) that created and administers the GMAT, some students mistakenly think of the EA as a shorter and easier version of the GMAT, "GMAT Lite" if you will. But there are several key differences between the two exams -- and those differences could make all the difference for you when determining which exam to take when applying to business school.

We break down the differences between the GMAT and Executive Assessment in detail in Episode 55 of The Dominate Test Prep Podcast,...

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How to Prepare for the Executive Assessment

emba executive assessment May 25, 2021

The Executive Assessment is a standardized test required for admission at a growing number of business schools worldwide. For candidates looking to pursue an Executive MBA or other post-graduate business degree, the Executive Assessment (EA) is a high-stakes exam that could mean the difference between getting accepted to a top program and not. In other words, you want to do well on it.

But what exactly do you need to do to prepare for the Executive Assessment and put yourself in the best position for test-day success? We'll break it all down for you in this article including the mindset you need to adopt, the content you need to learn, how much time you should allot, and recommended prep resources.

Note: The above video provides additional considerations for you when thinking about how best to prepare for the Executive Assessment, including four key time management tips. It's the third in a free 3-part "Executive Assessment Mastery Series" we recently released....

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Executive Assessment Prep: Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid (and What to Do Instead)

We spend a lot of time in our courses and coaching sessions teaching students what to do (content review, test-taking strategies, how-to's and methodologies, etc.).

But what about what not to do?

When it comes to preparing for the Executive Assessment, there are three (3) common mistakes that students regularly make that hold them back from achieving a high EA score.

Fortunately, they're all easily avoidable.

In this free video lesson, we walk you through each of the three common Executive Assessment pitfalls. More importantly, we teach you what to do instead -- including specific strategies, with detailed examples, that will empower you to get more right answers on test day.

Watch it HERE:

Whether you're just beginning to study for the Executive Assessment or your test day is right around the corner, the key mindsets and strategies that we teach in this video will put you in a better position to achieve your target score so that you can get into the business program of your...

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Planning Your Business Career: Highlights from the 2020 Corporate Recruiters Survey

mba news Jan 29, 2021

The Graduate Management Admission Council recently released its annual 2020 Corporate Recruiters Survey. GMAC is an international association of leading graduate business schools. The report was initially concluded in March of 2020, just when COVID-19 was unfolding across the globe.

Given the disruptive nature of the pandemic, the council decided on gathering additional data to expand the results and understand the economic impact of COVID-19 especially regarding hiring and salary trends. Moreover, the report wanted to gain a deeper perspective on the skills employers are looking for as the economy continues to grapple with the downturn.

Below, we’ll highlight the key findings of the latest report to be able to help business masters graduates as well as current and potential students plan their careers.

Recruitment plans for companies in 2021

Globe News Wire reports that before COVID-19, 92% of companies were intent on hiring MBA graduates in 2020. During the height of...

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Executive Assessment vs. GMAT for Business School Admissions

executive assessment gmat Nov 18, 2020

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the Executive Assessment (EA) recently, so we wanted to address them head-on.

If you're not familiar with the Executive Assessment, it's an entrance exam that is being accepted by more and more top business schools as an alternative to the GMAT / GRE in the admissions process. Many of the Top 20 MBA Programs worldwide now accept the Executive Assessment, and the list of partner schools is growing every month.

The Executive Assessment is similar to the GMAT in a lot of ways, but there are several important differences. We put together the following video to highlight some of those key differences and share insight that will help you determine which exam to take.

Watch it here:

As I mention at the beginning of this video, some schools still only accept the Executive Assessment for their Executive MBA (EMBA) or evening / part-time MBA programs. So Step 1 would be to double-check the application requirements of the school(s) you're...

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How to Determine Where to Apply [Ep. 34]

admissions podcast Nov 11, 2020

One of the first and most important decisions you need to make on your higher education journey is determining which schools and programs to apply to. Once you figure that out, much of the rest of the application process starts to fall into place. Yet, deciding where to apply isn't always straightforward. There are a lot of factors to consider. To help shed light on this important topic, we are joined in this episode of The Dominate Test Prep Podcast by Linda Abraham, founder of Accepted, who shares anecdotes, insight, and key considerations.

You can listen to the episode HERE:



Specifically, we discuss:

  • The importance of determining your "North Star" as the driver of your decision about which programs to apply to -- and how to figure it out if you're unsure
  • Why getting clear about your career goals is such an important first step, including its relevance to writing your Statement of Purpose on your applications
  • Three good reasons for...
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