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Higher education is the springboard for society's next leaders, innovators, and social reformers. But to get in, you have to do well on your standardized test. That's why we're here. Our courses give you the tools you need dominate your exam so that you can move on to the next important chapter of your life. Invest in your future by joining the thousands of other students who have trusted Dominate Test Prep.

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The GMAT is the standardized test of choice for many business schools worldwide. Dominate the GMAT with our comprehensive prep courses, video lessons, practice tests, and more! 

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The GRE has long been the primary entrance exam for graduate school and now increasingly for MBA programs as well. Check out our resources (courses, practice problems, and more) to dominate the GRE!

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Going to law school? You'll almost certainly need to take the LSAT for admission -- and you'll need a high score to get in to a top school. Let our 180-scoring instructor teach you his proven methodologies.

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Executive Assessment

A growing number of EMBA and traditional MBA programs accept the Executive Assessment as an alternative to the lengthier GMAT. Get up to speed quickly with our industry-leading EA prep course!  

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The SAT is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States. Our monthly live coaching program and on-demand courses will give you the edge to get accepted to your target school!

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The ACT is a popular alternative to the SAT for college admissions in the United States. We're compiling a team of experts to bring you the industry's best online coaching program, so check back soon.

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Not sure which exam is right for you? Watch "GMAT vs. GRE - Which Should You Take?" or "Executive Assessment vs. GMAT - Key Differences" to find out!

FREE QUIZ: Find Out What's on the Executive Assessment!

Business school awaits. But first, you need to dominate the Executive Assessment. This 6-question EA Quiz will show you what you're in store for on test day and help you gauge your readiness. Detailed solution videos for each question will teach you valuable EA content and test-taking strategies. Let's demystify the Executive Assessment for you, starting with these EA practice questions. Are you ready?

Our Most Popular Courses & Lessons

Full GMAT Prep Course

This comprehensive GMAT course covers all the bases and guides you step-by-step through the quantitative, verbal, essay, and integrated reasoning portions of the GMAT. Several enrollment options are available to meet your desired personalization and budget.

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Complete Executive Assessment Prep Course

Has it been a while since you've seen the math and verbal concepts tested on the Executive Assessment? Not to worry. This comprehensive EA course will get you up to speed quickly and teach you how to get more right answers on test day so that you can get into your target EMBA program.

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Full GRE Prep Course

This top-rated online GRE course combines the freedom and flexibility of an at-home study program with the structure and effectiveness of a traditional classroom course. It's everything you need to dominate the GRE, guaranteed. Choose from three package options.

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Full GMAT Math Course

This math-focused GMAT course covers all of the most relevant content and test-taking strategies for the quantitative section of the GMAT. It includes a thorough Math Review as well -- no pre-knowledge required! Dust off those "math cobwebs" and boost your GMAT math score.

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Full GRE Math Course

Just need to focus on the quantitative sections of the GRE? We've got you covered. This course teaches the necessary math as well as tricks and shortcuts for solving all QC, problem solving, and data interpretation question types. Three package options available.

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Over 30 and Taking the GRE?

If it's been a while since you were in school, you need to come at the GRE a little differently. This content-packed video will show you how!

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Download Brett's Free GMAT Report

Learn the "4 Things You Must Know Before Taking the GMAT" and separate yourself from your peers. Prepare to dominate the GMAT today!

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Master LSAT Conditional Logic 

Learn the #1 skill for answering a large percentage of LSAT reasoning questions + Get BONUS solutions for 5 Official LSAT PrepTests.

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"When starting to study for the GMAT, I knew I needed something that would lay out all the fundamentals to make sure I had a good refresher. Dominate the GMAT delivered that and more. I was able to raise my GMAT score 130 points from the first time I took it, and I felt very confident going into the test. Also, I thought Brett did a great job laying out the material in an understandable way that makes even the most complicated questions dissectible. Thanks Brett!"

Joe Hadley
Boston, MA

"As an international test taker, at the beginning I thought of the GRE as an impossible mission. However, thanks to the simple but essential strategies and examples provided by Brett during the video tutorials, in less than two months I was able to review and master even the hardest topics, and most of all, I gained enough confidence for successfully facing the test. I absolutely recommend Brett’s Dominate the GRE course!"

Natalia Ocampo Diaz
Bogotá, Colombia

"I absolutely LOVE Brett’s GMAT program. I wish I would have know about it when I first began my GMAT studies -- I sure wasted a lot of time! Finally a solution that was affordable, flexible, extremely informative, and well organized. I crammed 8 weeks of sessions into 2 weeks and got accepted to the MBA program of my choice. Thanks so much for your contribution to a better GMAT prep experience!"

Christie Apodaca
Davis, CA

"I highly recommend the instructional videos in Brett’s GRE course. Being able to take the classes at my own pace allowed me to work full time while preparing the classes at night. Additionally, Brett does an amazing job of explaining complex topics through contextual examples that can be easily understood and applied throughout the test. I’m looking forward to starting my Masters at Harvard’s Kennedy School this Fall — thank you Dominate Test Prep!"

William Taylor
Boston, MA

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