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Nutrition Hacks for Improved Focus, Memory, and Mental Clarity [Ep. 17]

podcast Feb 26, 2020

A big part of maximizing your score on test day is how well you're able to focus and concentrate throughout the entire exam.

You've spent months learning all of the how-to's for answering questions correctly, but if you have "brain fog" and aren't able to think clearly and remember everything you've studied when it comes time to actually sit down and take your test, it's all for nothing. 

Optimal nutrition can play a huge role in maximizing your brain's performance so that you can maintain mental clarity for your best possible result. To discuss this important topic, we're joined in this episode by Dr. Barrett Deubert, a chiropractor and nutrition expert in Knoxville, TN, who shares practical and actionable nutrition hacks that you can employ throughout the entire process of preparing for and taking your standardized test.

Listen to our conversation here:


Specifically, we discuss:

  • How the brain works and the types of macronutrients you should be fueling it with on a daily basis;
  • High-powered brain foods that fuel maximum concentration;
  • 5 foods to stay away from to avoid "brain fog" and other lapses of mental clarity and focus;
  • The #1 thing you can tweak in your diet right now that will have the biggest impact on your cognition between now and test day;
  • What you should eat for breakfast on the big day -- and the benefits of taking a cold shower the morning of your exam;
  • How to ensure you don't start to fade mentally at the end of a long test, including the two most important things you should eat and drink during your exam breaks;
  • Whether caffeine is helpful -- and what you should pair with it to maximize its effectiveness;
  • Supplements that have proven benefits for memory and brain support;
  • 3 non-nutrition bio-hacks that can empower a high-performing brain;
  • And more!

There are a TON of golden nuggets packed into this episode, so you may want to listen to it a couple times and take notes. Nutrition is one of those intangible aspects of test preparation that can play a disproportionate role in your test-day results, so take it seriously. Dr. Barrett will show you how.


Here are a few of the resources mentioned in this episode.

  1. The ESPN article we mentioned about chess players, "The grandmaster diet: How to lose weight while barely moving."
  2. This is the brain support supplement Dr. Barrett mentioned at the end of the show: Qualia Mind
  3. Here's another high-quality brain support supplement with proven benefits: USANA CopaPrime+
  4. Connect with Dr. Barrett at The Health Factory Knoxville
  5. Get more free nutrition and health/fitness tips from Dr. Barrett via his Facebook Page


“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.” — Francois de la Rochefoucauld

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