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"How I Raised My GMAT Score 120 Points" -- with Matt Kunzler [Ep. 8]

podcast Oct 30, 2019

Success is often as simple as finding someone who has done what you want to do, and doing what they did. If you want to significantly improve your standardized test score, then, look no further than Matt Kunzler, who recently raised his GMAT score +120 points through a combination of strategic planning, a helpful prep course, and some good 'ole fashioned hard work.

In this episode of The Dominate Test Prep Podcast, Matt shares his secrets of exactly what he did to get such great results despite not having had a math class in 11 years and only having five weeks to prepare. Listen in:


Specifically, Matt shares:

  • Why he went with the GMAT instead of the GRE
  • How a disastrous first attempt at the GMAT left him wondering whether he'd ever be able to get into business school, and how he overcame that negative thinking
  • The power of reading about topics you're not interested in, and a good practice to start each day
  • How reading sentences out loud was the key to identifying grammar errors on GMAT Sentence Correction questions
  • The huge impact non-standard math strategies played in helping him overcome a weak math background and 11 years without a math class
  • What a "Week in the Life" looked like for him as he juggled a full-time job, a young family, and studying for the GMAT
  • 5 test-day principles that really helped him go into the exam with the right mindset and maximize his test-day experience
  • And more! 

Even if you're studying for an exam other than the GMAT, a lot of the mindsets and study hacks that Matt shares during our conversation will help you as well.



Here are the websites and other resources mentioned in this episode:


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