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Business Education Trends, a GMAT Section Order Fallacy, and CAT Battleship [Ep. 10]

podcast Nov 20, 2019

Several interesting bits of news and insights came out of the recently-held summit at the headquarters of the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), makers of the GMAT and Executive Assessment exams, and we were there to get the scoop.

We relate the most relevant takeaways in Episode 10 of The Dominate Test Prep Podcast, including:

  • Trends in graduate management education (GME) with an emphasis on the types of people applying and the programs they're applying to;
  • Why now might be the best time in the past decade to apply to business school;
  • The most commonly-chosen section order on the GMAT exam -- but a logical reasoning fallacy that should give you pause before choosing that order yourself;
  • The interplay between the "Practice Effect" and the "Fatigue Effect" that could help you get off to a great start on test day;
  • How computer-adaptive tests like the GMAT really work (hint: think about the popular board game Battleship) and what it means for you in terms of ideal time management;
  • And more!




If you're interested in diving deeper into the demographic and employer trends referenced in this show, you can get them here:

  1. GME Application Trends Survey Report 2019
  2. Talent Mobility and the Global Economy
  3. Corporate Recruiters Survey (2019 + Previous Year Archives)


At the end of this episode we answer the question, "How can I avoid getting overwhelmed by all of the information I have to learn for my standardized test, and when can I expect it to "click" (if ever!)?

Be sure to listen all the way to the end for that.


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