Practice Worksheets - GMAT Math

As the great Vince Lombardi famously said, it's perfect practice that make perfect. That's the purpose of these application worksheets for the GMAT quantitative section -- to give you the opportunity to apply what you've been learning in our courses or your own self study and learn the perfect way to tackle each of the major GMAT math question types you'll encounter on test day.

Specifically, this product contains eight (8) practice worksheets encompassing 99 total sample problems. Each question has a detailed video answer explanation that explains how to solve the problem in the most efficient manner while teaching all relevant underlying math concepts as well as non-standard strategies and shortcuts to get the right answer more effectively.

The topic-specific worksheets included in this module are:

  1. Algebra (15 questions)
  2. Arithmetic (13 questions)
  3. Circles (7 questions)
  4. Common Word Problems (15 questions)
  5. Non-Standard Math Strategies (15 questions)
  6. Number Properties (10 questions)
  7. Probability and Combinatorics (12 questions)
  8. Triangles (12 questions)

Each worksheet contains questions that range from easy to challenging so that you can build your confidence with the core skills and then progress to more difficult questions that will be required for a higher GMAT quant score.

So what are you waiting for? Put your knowledge to the test and take your GMAT prep to the next level today!

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