GMAT Arithmetic - Prep Course + Practice

Sometimes GMAT students just need to brush up on the basics. On the GMAT quantitative section, approximately 1/3 of the questions will involve arithmetic in some way. When we say “arithmetic” we’re not talking about 2 + 2 = 4. Rather, we’re talking about questions that either directly or indirectly test mathematical concepts ranging from fractions to weighted averages to statistics to prime factorization, and more. This complete GMAT Arithmetic Course covers all of the most important arithmetic concepts tested on the GMAT with tricks, shortcuts, and direct application questions to help you not only dust off those “math cobwebs,” but also get more right answers on test day.

"The Dominate the GMAT video lessons I used were a tremendous supplement to my GMAT prep and gave me a much better understanding of what the GMAT tests and the best strategies to beat it. Brett’s teaching style makes the material so easy to understand. I wish I had found these videos before I paid over $1500 to another company!" -- Lauren White, USA

Specifically, here's what this course covers:

  • Percents, fractions, and decimals with an emphasis on common GMAT question types that test these concepts;
  • Ratios;
  • Basic averages and Weighted averages, including a unique strategy for quickly and easily solving weighted average problems;
  • Units conversions;
  • Prime factorization, Least Common Multiples (LCM), and Greatest Common Factors (GCF);
  • Factors, multiples, and divisibility;
  • Strategies and tricks — including the “Magic X” — for more quickly executing GMAT arithmetic;
  • Numerous application examples to fully illustrate all of the concepts taught in this course;
  • And more!

Additional features of the course include:

  • Test your understanding with our 15-question practice worksheet (available as an online quiz or downloadable PDF) of GMAT arithmetic questions of varying difficulty levels;
  • Detailed video answer explanations for each of those 15 sample problems;
  • Get your questions personally answered by one of our GMAT experts via the Comments/Questions area in your member area;
  • 6-month course access -- plenty of time to master this important question type and get the GMAT score you're shooting for!


No matter your current level of math knowledge, everyone can use a refresher -- and more importantly, to learn exactly how the different GMAT arithmetic concepts are tested on the GMAT. So what are you waiting for? Take your GMAT preparation to the next level. Add this course to your library now and prepare to dominate the GMAT!