GMAT Number Properties Course (Number Theory)

It has been said that math is like love: It starts out simple, then it gets complicated.

That's sort of the way it is with Number Properties on the GMAT, too. Math is all about numbers, so naturally every question on the GMAT quantitative section requires some knowledge of how numbers work. But there's a certain subset of questions that fall under the umbrella of "Number Properties" (sometimes referred to as Number Theory), and they can get very challenging.

Indeed, if your goal is Q48 or higher, you'll need to master some foundational number properties concepts and learn to solve these difficult question types -- and that's exactly what this course will teach you. But even if you're just trying to dust off some of your "math cobwebs" so that you can get a respectable GMAT score, the math principles taught in this course will be indispensable for you, too.

Specifically, here's what this course covers:

  • Nine in-depth video lessons (2.8 total hours) teaching you the theory and best strategies for each of the number properties concepts tested on the GMAT;
  • Review of the real number line, common terms and definitions you'll encounter, rational and irrational numbers, and absolute value principles;
  • Scientific notation;
  • Rules for determining divisibility, and specifically the important role prime numbers play in the relationship between factors and multiples;
  • Remainders, including how they translate to their decimal equivalent for 700+-level questions;
  • Odds vs. Evens and Positive numbers vs. Negative numbers, and the crucial role they play in Data Sufficiency questions involving variables;
  • How the acronym FONZ can help you avoid common Data Sufficiency traps;
  • The "magic" that lies in the prime number 2;
  • How to quickly and easily determine the units digit of a number, even when it involves really large exponents;
  • Prime factorization, Least Common Multiples (LCM), and Greatest Common Factors (GCF);
  • Exponents rules and tricky applications;

Additional features of the course include:

  • Test your understanding with our 10-question quiz of GMAT number properties practice questions of varying difficulty levels;
  • Review detailed video answer explanations for each of those 10 sample questions;
  • Get your questions personally answered by one of our GMAT experts via the Comments/Questions area in your member area;
  • Unlimited course access -- stick with it as long as you need to get the GMAT score you're shooting for!

Whether you're terrible at math and looking for a way to somehow get your GMAT quant score where it needs to be, or whether you already have a solid math foundation and you're simply looking for an edge to get those last few points so that you can get into a top-tier business school, this course is for you.

So what are you waiting for? Take your GMAT preparation to the next level. Click HERE to add this course to your library now and prepare to dominate the GMAT!