Essential SAT Math Strategies - Video Course

Let's be honest about something right up front: The SAT math sections can be challenging. There are a lot of math topics covered, and not a lot of time to answer a whole lot of questions.

But what if there were some strategies to get right answers without always having to do the complicated algebra? What if there were ways to render otherwise hard SAT math questions relatively harmless? What if you could cut the amount of time it takes you to answer some of the questions in half, while increasing your accuracy? In short, what if there were a "secret sauce" to beating SAT math -- a magic bullet, if you will, that could help you dramatically improve your SAT score?

Well it turns out there is, and that's exactly what this content-rich video course will break down for you. There are four core SAT math strategies that, once you master them, will make all the difference for you on test day. I call them "ninja" strategies because they're sneaky-effective. In fact, when you use them on test day, it'll almost feel like you're cheating!

Specifically, here's what's included with this course and what it covers:

  • Six in-depth video lessons (76 total minutes) teaching you the step-by-step methodology for each of the 4 key SAT math strategies;
  • Discussion of the ideal mental approach for attacking SAT math questions and how to develop a "Pavlovian Response" so that you immediately know how to proceed on specific types of SAT math questions;
  • How to avoid always having to set up complicated algebraic equations by learning to make variables your friend;
  • Learn how figures work on the SAT, and how to use them to your advantage to get right answers even if you don't know how to do the underlying geometry;
  • How to use the answer choices to your advantage as a starting point when you feel stuck and to get built-in confirmation that you got a right answer;
  • The "WIBNI" master SAT math move;
  • Test your understanding with our 20-question quiz of SAT practice questions of varying difficulty levels;
  • Review detailed video answer explanations for each of those 20 sample questions;
  • Get your questions personally answered by one of our SAT experts via the Comments/Questions area in your Member's portal;
  • Unlimited course access -- stick with it as long as you need to get the SAT score you're shooting for!

Whether you're terrible at math and looking for a way to somehow get your SAT math score where it needs to be, or whether you already have a solid math foundation and you're simply looking for an edge to get a few extra points so that you can get into a top-tier school, this course is for you.

So what are you waiting for? Take your SAT preparation to the next level. Click HERE to add this course to your library now and prepare to dominate the SAT!