GMAT Reading Comprehension - Complete Prep Course

Reading comprehension questions are generally the most straightforward of all the question types on the GMAT verbal section (you’ve probably seen these on the SAT, ACT, or other standardized tests from your past), and yet they can pose problems for GMAT test takers for a number of reasons: Is your concentration poor? Is your reading pace slow? Do you find the passages boring or difficult to understand? Do you find yourself searching the passage again and again to find the information you need?

This video course will teach you how to overcome those common issues -- and more! We will teach you how to read passages in the most effective and efficient manner to help you save time and get more right answers. We will also teach you common GMAT reading comprehension question patterns as well as common wrong answers to be on the lookout for. In short, you will come away from this course with a renewed confidence to successfully tackle all aspects of GMAT reading comprehension.

"As a native Spanish speaker, I was intimidated with the verbal section of the GMAT. Fortunately I found Brett's courses. The material covers all the subjects the GMAT tests including only the necessary keys to overcome the exam. It was very important for me not to feel overwhelmed, and his videos were perfect. It's a very affordable program compared to the others I looked, too. Thank you for helping me dominate the GMAT!" -- Carolina Pachon, Bogotá, Colombia

Specifically, this GMAT Reading Comprehension Course covers:

  • A detailed overview of GMAT reading comprehension, including the "anatomy" and psychology of these question types;
  • The biggest challenges that students face when it comes to succeeding on reading comp, and how to overcome them;
  • How to read the passages effectively;
  • Our famous M-A-P-S technique for engaging with the text and zeroing in on the most important elements of the passage;
  • Identifying topic sentences and applying the concept of "variable speed reading" to read passages faster without losing comprehension;
  • The "Goldilocks Principle" for helping you answer main idea questions;
  • The Continuum Strategy, with applications for Primary Purpose and Attitude/Tone questions;
  • Tips for quickly solving Specific Detail questions, and how to think through the "EXCEPT" variations;
  • Drawing inferences;
  • Identifying and avoiding common wrong answer traps;
  • Numerous application examples to illustrate the concepts and methodologies taught in the course;
  • And more!

Additional features of the course include:

  • A five-passage, 16-question practice worksheet (available as an online quiz or downloadable PDF) enabling you to immediately apply what you're learning in the video lessons;
  • Detailed video answer explanations for each question in the practice assessment;
  • Get your questions personally answered by one of our GMAT experts via the Comments/Questions area in your member area;
  • 6-month course access -- plenty of time to master GMAT reading comprehension and get the GMAT score you're shooting for!

Think you're just not a good reader? Think again. There are plenty of skills and strategies you can learn between now and test day to improve your reading comprehension, even if English isn't your first language. This course will teach it all to you, with plenty of practice, so that you can get a high score on the GMAT verbal section. No more excuses, just more right answers.

So what are you waiting for? Take your GMAT preparation to the next level. Click HERE to add this course to your library now and prepare to dominate the GMAT!