Our "Improve For Sure" Guarantee

We're so confident that our three-book Gold Course will empower you to improve your LSAT score that we're willing to put our money where our mouth is. Below are the details of our score-improvement, money-back guarantee.

Watch the videos. Do the homework. Dominate the LSAT!

Here's How You'll Improve

Our course is full of valuable information with complete, actionable, powerful methods for achieving success on the LSAT, and our students get immediate access to all of it on enrollment. We therefore do not offer refunds. We urge prospective students to sign up for our Free LSAT Session -- which includes answer explanations for five Official LSAT PrepTests in addition to a crucial primer on LSAT Conditional Reasoning -- to determine whether you resonate with Dave's teaching style and believe our course is a good fit for you (we're confident it is!).

Our courses work. We know it from our own and our students' experiences (in fact, the full Platinum LSAT Course is so amazing, we guarantee you'll improve by at least 10 points or else score in the 99th%!). 

Still, we think that fair is fair, and no one should have to pay for a product that doesn't work for them. So, we offer a full money-back guarantee on our Three-Book GOLD Course.

It’s really simple: if you take the Three-Book (thirty-test) course and it doesn’t work for you, we’ll refund your enrollment fee. That means that if you watch all the course videos and do all the assigned homework as assigned by your study plan and your score doesn’t improve, you can get your money back. Also, we’re so completely confident that our course is the awesomest, that if you find any published guarantee from any other prep course that you think is better than this one, we’ll match it. To qualify for our money-back guarantee, you just have to actually do the course—that means you watch all the videos, and do all the homework as assigned.

Here are the full details about our guarantee for the Complete LSAT Course - Gold Package:

In order to qualify for a money-back guarantee, any student must do the following:

  1. Enroll in the Three-Book Course 8 weeks or more before your LSAT administration.
  2. Take and then grade one baseline test (required in order to demonstrate improvement) using our LSATgrader, within 3 days of enrollment (either before or after enrollment).
  3. Watch every video lesson in the paid course. This includes every lesson contained in the Theory section, as well as every lesson corresponding to each question from each test in each of the PrepTests included in the Three-Book Course.
  4. Complete every test included in the Three-Book Course, according to the method explained in the Dominate Study Plan.
  5. Provide Dominate with your official LSAT score from a test taken within 8 months of your Dominate course enrollment date.
  6. Return your completed study plan pads to Dominate within 2 weeks of your score release (please email us at [email protected] to obtain return instructions)
  7. If taking advantage of our Guarantee Match, provide us with a copy of, or link to, your desired Guarantee, along with any documentation required by that guarantor and not already required here.

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