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Dominate the LSAT Course Reviews

We're convinced that our LSAT prep course is the best out there. But don't just take our word for it. Here's what Dave's students have to say about his program:

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Amber K.

No doubt your program, materials and 'eye of the tiger' attitude helped me make at least a 10 point jump. The LSAT was an enormous psychological hurdle for me. I was really bummed at my low starting score. I felt defeated and like I wasn't smart enough to beat it. Your program allowed me to be calm but fierce and steadily work towards performing better. After the test, I can hardly believe I once allowed the challenge of the LSAT make me believe I wasn't born or cut out to be a lawyer. I promise to use my future legal powers for good, and not evil. Thank you for empowering me!

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Michael S.

Most of the instructors that I've seen or heard only speak nerd, and while Dave is on their level in terms of intelligence he doesn't instruct in such a way YOU have to be on that level to understand. Before taking this class I had gone through another program's books and there seemed an infinite number or ways that the writers of the LSAT could screw me on the games. I didn't really understand the ins and outs of the arguments either, and I had no idea the reading passages followed the pattern that they did. After going through the other books, my average score was a 154. By the time I was done with Dave's course I ended up getting a 164 on the test, which put me in the 90th percentile. 

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Alex P.

Last June, I had no idea where to begin when it came to studying for the LSAT. The test seemed so daunting and there were so many different programs and books to choose from. Based on some good word of mouth, I decided to give Dave's Dominate course a try. I worked through the videos, the practice tests, all of it, and today I finally got back my score: 171, higher than I had dared to hope for. I owe my score to Dave's fun, inventive teaching style and the resources you provided. It was worth every penny and more.

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John M.

I switched to this program after preparing for my first LSAT with a different company, and there is no doubt in my mind that Dave's teaching is what enabled me to score in the 99th percentile on my second attempt. Dave's techniques are easy to comprehend and will make you a much more consistent test taker. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

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Dayle C.

Dave's course is the sole reason I increased 10 points from my June LSAT score to my February score. In fact, finding Dave's public logic games videos 2 days before the June test may be one of the reasons it was my best section the first time around. Dave approaches the LSAT in a way that helps you understand how to approach every question FIERCELY and taught me how to have confidence in myself. I strongly recommend Dominate Test Prep to anyone considering taking the LSAT!

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Korey I.

Dave's course was exactly what I needed to improve my LSAT score. First off, his videos are very, very entertaining: so much so that I never really felt like I was actually "studying." But even more importantly, Dave's course helps you understand the LSAT and all of its little nuances. With his help, I was able to score a 172 and will be applying to the top five schools this fall.

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Aaron F.

After taking another company’s course and putting months of training in, I scored a 158. I felt like I was facing an abyss. Then I found Dave's course. Dave took complex concepts and made them easy to understand. In games, instead of magical inferences, Dominate provided a systematic approach that works for any game the LSAT could throw at me. In the end games went from being my weakest section to my strongest with marked improvements in the other sections. Final result: a score of 170. Now I have lots of options for law school and a bright future a head. Thanks Dave!

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Namesh B.

Not only is Dave Hall an amazing LSAT teacher, he is a great mentor and has helped me throughout the entire process of applying to law school. He made learning the LSAT fun, understandable, and interesting while offering a tangible method to beat the test. In my opinion, Dave's methods are easy to implement and with enough practice anyone can achieve a 170+ score with them. Also, Dave would respond immediately and with video responses to the numerous questions I would ask almost daily. I couldn't have done it without him! (12 point improvement)

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Success story! I just got my LSAT score notification -- it was better than any of the practice tests I'd taken up to that point -- 177! I loved this course. Great flexibility, always clear and logical, really high quality. On test day I felt super prepared/calm/focused, and it paid off. (I kind of wish all other education happened this way too, but that's a different story.) Highly recommended for anyone wanting to do really well on this test. Thanks Dave!

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Megan W.

If you are like me, you tried to study for the LSAT on your own and thought the test couldn't possibly that hard, and then left the test thinking, dang- it WAS that hard. Well, don't give up, because with Dave's Dominate Test Prep you will leave the test the second time thinking... ok, it wasn't THAT hard after all.

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Anya R.

Dave is the best -- there is no one out there that can compete! I used various course materials prior to finding Dave & there is just nothing that comes even close to Dave's way of teaching. I wasn't able to truly 'get' the LSAT until finding this program -- I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to really master the test!

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Kyle M.

Dave is ridiculously talented and his efficient explanations are second to none. I'm a little bit less of a "bookworm" than your typical LSAT taker so his simplistic, straightforward, "guy at the end of the bar" way of describing these seemingly complex concepts is spot on for my style.