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"I wish I had found Dominate Test Prep before I paid over $1,500 to another company!"


"The Dominate Test Prep GMAT course was a tremendous supplement to my GMAT prep and gave me a much better understanding of what the exam tests and the best strategies to beat it! Brett's teaching style makes the material so easy to understand. I wish I had found this course before I paid over $1,500 to another company...oops! This course was twice as effective at a fraction of the price. Don't waste time or money anywhere else. I can't recommend Dominate Test Prep highly enough!" 

— Lauren White, USA

Pricing Options

No two GMAT test takers are exactly alike. That's why we offer several different course plans to match your budget and target test date. Choose the one that's right for you and get started today!

GMAT Flexible


Per Month

  • Month-to-month access for as long as you need it
  • Strategic, on-demand video lessons
  • GMAT Official Guide video solutions (660 Questions Answered)
  • Quant, Verbal, and Data Insights
  • Three full-length practice tests
  • Detailed syllabus with step-by-step study plan
  • 24/7 Forum Support
  • Monthly recurring payment, cancel anytime
  • Optional LIVE office hours add-on

GMAT Concentrated



  • 4 Months full access
  • Save $91 (compared to monthly plan)
  • Strategic, on-demand video lessons
  • GMAT Official Guide video solutions (660 Questions Answered)
  • Quant, Verbal, and Data Insights
  • Four full-length practice tests
  • Detailed syllabus with step-by-step study plan
  •  24/7 Forum Support
  • One-time payment
  • Optional LIVE office hours add-on

GMAT Advanced



  • 12 Months full access
  • Save $765 (compared to monthly plan)
  • Strategic, on-demand video lessons
  • GMAT Official Guide video solutions (660 Questions Answered)
  • Quant, Verbal, and Data Insights
  • Five full-length practice tests
  • Detailed syllabus with step-by-step study plan
  • 24/7 Forum Support 
  • One-time payment
  • Optional LIVE office hours add-on

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What do I get in your comprehensive GMAT Focus Edition Course?

You'll get everything you need to prepare for taking the GMAT Focus Edition so that there are no surprises on test day and you walk out of the exam with the score you want. The best part is, you'll get it in an on-demand and easy-to-understand format so that you'll be able to easily prepare, no matter how full your schedule is.

Included in this course, you'll find: 

A Detailed Course  Syllabus

Take the guesswork out of preparing for the GMAT Focus Edition with our 6-week study plan. You'll know exactly what to do each week — which videos to watch, which practice problems to do, and so on. Since everything is on-demand, you can speed this plan up or slow it down based on your own personal needs. 

Comprehensive Instructional Videos

Hundreds of hours of focused and detailed instructional videos featuring Brett Ethridge himself. These cover every question type and content area tested on the GMAT Focus Edition — Quant, Verbal, and Data Insights with targeted strategies for each.

Thorough, Simplified Math Review

We help you dust off those “math cobwebs” and get up to speed on the quantitative concepts necessary to do well on the GMAT Focus. Even if you haven't done this type of math in a while, you'll be prepared to answer even the hardest quant questions by the end of the course. 

Practice Worksheets / Quizzes

We learn best by doing. Our practice worksheets accompany each module and give you the opportunity to immediately implement the concepts you're learning in the course and cement your pattern recognition for test-day recall. Complete these hundreds of practice questions offline as PDF worksheets or online as interactive assessments.

Full-length Practice Tests

Hone your time management and simulate the test-day experience with our highly-accurate and realistic GMAT Focus simulator exams. Use them to apply what you're learning in the course, reveal your strengths and weaknesses, and track your score improvement to gauge your readiness for the real thing. 

Expert Teaching from a Top-Rated Instructor

Knowing how to do something and knowing how to teach it to others are two different things. Fortunately your instructor, Brett, can do both! Learn from a Test Prep expert in a style that makes the GMAT Focus easy to understand. It's not just about formula memorization. Brett teaches both the HOW and WHY so that you can adapt his strategies to any question the test makers throw at you!

*BONUS* Detailed Solution Videos for the GMAT Official Guide

Unique in the industry, our GMAT Focus Edition Course includes detailed video solutions for every Quantitative, Verbal, and Data Sufficiency (Data Insights) question in the GMAT Official Guide — over 660 questions answered! Seeing the strategies and methodologies you're learning in the course applied to hundreds of additional former GMAT problems is a great way to develop your pattern recognition, hone your mastery of the concepts, and ensure that you're able to get similar questions correct on test day.

Note: You can get a hard copy of the GMAT Official Guide at a discount via Amazon or the eBook through the bookstore.

In addition, you'll also get:

The ability to ask questions in the comments section below each instructional video. All questions are answered by your top-ranked instructor.

The option to add Live Office Hours with your instructor.

Get All of This + More with our Industry-Leading GMAT Focus Course!

"I used your WIBNI strategy and it was so easy I felt like I was cheating!"

— Megan L., Canada

Dominate Test Prep will show you how to strategically balance the three components of the GMAT Success Triad: Content, Strategy, and Practice.

You'll get copious practice problems that enable you to engrain the concepts you're learning and apply the proper strategies for more right answers on test day. And if that's not enough, there's all of this, too:

1. Know how to immediately identify the type of question you’re dealing with when it pops up on your computer screen and apply the ideal strategy for answering it in the most efficient way possible
2. Learn how to approach problems in non-traditional ways — even if it doesn’t make your high school algebra teacher happy, it’ll translate to more right answers on test day!
3. Experience increased confidence when you walk into the testing center or sit in front of your computer
4. Have a step-by-step game plan that takes the guesswork out of preparing for the GMAT Focus Edition
5. Improve your score by 112 points or more, on average, so that you can put your best foot forward during the admissions process (average based on students who completed the Complete GMAT Course)
6. Have a direct line to a 98th percentile instructor who will answer your questions and help guide you through your GMAT Focus preparation every step of the way
7. Actually enjoy studying for the GMAT — or at least not dread it so much! — with engaging video lessons that aren’t dull and boring like lots of others in the industry
8. Keep more money in your pocket that you can use to buy something nice for your significant other — or, let’s be honest, to buy textbooks for your first semester of business school 😉
9. Learn how to reason your way to right answers on even the hardest question types without memorizing unnecessary formulas or learning a bunch of arcane logic rules 
10. Maximize your study time by focusing on the highest-yielding topic areas and strategies, with the flexibility of studying on your own terms, so that you can balance family, work, and hobbies yet still get a great GMAT Focus Edition score

What to expect on the GMAT Focus Edition

The GMAT Focus Edition is a streamlined, more adaptive test designed to be a top predictor for success in the business school classroom. This redesign of the former GMAT makes the test more focused and less daunting. Here's what you'll see on the GMAT Focus Edition:

Data Insights

20 Questions, 45 min.

This section tests your ability to analyze and interpret data and apply it to real-world business situations. Questions in this section may require math, data analysis, verbal reasoning, or all three. The question types you'll see in this section include: 

  • Data Sufficiency
  • Multi-Source Reasoning
  • Table Analysis
  • Graphics Interpretation
  • Two-Part Analysis

Verbal Reasoning

23 Questions, 45 min.

This section assesses your ability to read and comprehend written material, identify main and supporting ideas, determine logical structure, make and evaluate arguments, and assess or create a plan of action. 

Quantitative Reasoning

21 Questions, 45 min.

The Quantitative section measures your ability to use arithmetic and algebra to solve problems. Though basic math knowledge is necessary, answering these questions relies on logic and analytical skills. Calculators are not allowed for this section. Question answers are in a multiple choice format.

How it Works

The GMAT Focus Edition is two hours and 15 minutes in length (with one optional 10 minute break) with 64 questions that are divided across three sections. You can take the exam in the order you prefer, and you are able to bookmark questions you'd like to come back to with the option of changing up to three answers per section. The possible score range on the GMAT Focus Edition is 205 - 805.

Let's face it. No one loves to take a test.

But you and I know that getting a good score on the GMAT Focus Edition is what is standing between you now and you getting into the business program you want so that you can take your career to the next level.

What you need is a way to prepare for GMAT Focus that fits into your schedule and zeroes in on the most important things you need to know to get the score you want.

Our industry-leading GMAT Focus Edition Course will get you there!

You don't need to spend thousands of dollars or watch hundreds of hours of test-prep videos. You don't have to remember every math formula you've ever learned or be an expert reader (many of our top-scoring students are non-native English speakers!). You just have to know how to get right answers, and we'll show you how. 

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Are you wondering if our GMAT Focus Prep Course will work for you? 

Check out what some of our former students have to say: Real GMAT Success Stories

"This course is worth 10x what I paid for it."

"Dominate Test Prep's course is easily worth ten times what I paid for it. I haven’t opened a schoolbook in over 30 years and I needed a course that would refresh my memory on important computations as well as give me strategies on how to get the score I needed on the test. Not only that, I needed an instructor who would be patient with me as I dusted off my academic cobwebs. I found both in Brett and his course. The result? I’m now a student at the University of Oxford. Stop shopping around. Get this course, you’ll be glad you did.”

 — C. Morrisson, USA

Picture this: It's test day and you're calm and confident because you know you're about to knock your GMAT Focus score out of the park. 

You know this because you learned the strategies you need to get the score you want in our GMAT Focus Edition Course. You're ready to dominate whatever math problems the test throws your way. You know how to deal with Data Insights — the toughest section for many people — with ease. And the Verbal section? You know you've got the tools you need whether English is your first language or not.

This can be your story on test day, and we'll help you get there. But every day that passes is one less day you have to prepare, so act now! Click the button below so that you can get started studying for the GMAT Focus Edition today and get the score you want on test day.

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“Standardized tests are not my forte. After studying for the GMAT for two years and taking the test three times, my highest score was still only 490. None of my target schools would even look at me. Then I found Dominate Test Prep. I'm so thankful that I did! I am pleased to inform you that I was accepted to my dream MBA program. During my interview I told them that I took your GMAT program and how much it helped me finally conquer that hurdle. I couldn't have done it without you and your incredible tools and coursework. Thanks again for everything!"

— Christie Scarbrough, USA

Do you still have questions about our GMAT Focus Edition Prep Course?

We've got answers. Here's what you need to know so that you can jumpstart your studying today:

How do you know if the GMAT Focus Prep Course is right for you?

Great question. The truth is, if you're studying for the GMAT Focus Edition, this course can help you. Whether you're starting from scratch or you're a seasoned test-taker trying to eek out the final few points to get accepted to a Top-10 school, you'll benefit from this course. Unlike most programs, I don't just show you how to solve a bunch of problems. I actually teach you how to get right answers.

Regardless of where you are in your studies, this course can help you skyrocket your score. This is true whether:

You've Been Out of School a Long Time

Not to worry! Everything on the GMAT Focus Edition is (re)learnable. We'll get you up to speed no matter how long it's been since you've sat in a math class. We've worked with hundreds of students who have been out of school for more than a decade, and we're certain we can help you, too.

You've Just Started Studying

It's super important to develop good habits and proper methodologies right at the outset, so if you're just getting started with your GMAT Focus prep, this program is perfect to get you started on the right foot. No pre-requisites required; you'll have everything you need in the course.

You're Not Seeing the Results You Want

If you've been prepping for the GMAT for a while — or, gasp!, you've taken another course before finding us — but you're not seeing the results you know you're capable of, we can help you get unstuck and start seeing your score go up and up and up. Helping "lost causes" is our specialty!

You Need to Maximize Study Time

We know you have life outside of test taking, and so you need to focus on quality over quantity. It's not the number of hours of videos you watch, but the effectiveness of those hours that matters. This course eliminates the fluff and gets right to the most important learnings so that you can prepare in less time.

Why Choose Dominate Test Prep?

After scoring in the top 1% on his Graduate Admissions Test and receiving a scholarship to his graduate program of choice, Dominate Test Prep founder Brett Ethridge realized that not only was he good at taking these tests, he had an exceptional skill for teaching others how to get the scores they needed, too. After teaching standardized tests in a classroom setting for four years, Brett launched Dominate Test Prep in 2010 as the world's first company to offer an all-online test prep experience. Since that time, Dominate Test Prep has empowered tens of thousands of students from all around the world to dominate the GMAT and GMAT Focus Edition, the GRE, the LSAT, the SAT, and the Executive Assessment so that they can get the score they need to get into the school of their dreams.

If You Know You're Ready to Get Going, Then This is How This Works:

1. Buy the course by choosing which of the three plan options best fits your needs and complete the checkout process.

2. Check your email for your receipt, ID & Password, and link to log in to the GMAT Focus Course member portal.

3. Log-in with your ID and password, download the course syllabus, and start learning how to dominate the GMAT Focus Edition.

4. Follow the study plan, put in the work, and get the score you need to get into the business school you want. 

That's it. It's not complicated. But each day that you wait to take action is another day closer to your test date, so click below to get started now. Just like so many others, you'll be glad you did. 

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What Others Have to Say About Us

(They're not the only ones — check out some more of our GMAT success stories)

Carolina Pachón, Colombia

I’m grateful that I found this course for so many reasons. I have a very busy schedule and have to travel for work almost every week. Also, the traffic in my city is very heavy so it is hard to make it to live classes on time. Thanks to this program, I was able to take the course and boost my test score without leaving my home. It was also practical and not overwhelming and helped me stay focused on the most important things to study.

Matt Kunzler, USA

In addition to teaching all the principles you will need for success, this course also teaches you how to answer questions by using logic and non-standard techniques that are much easier to memorize and were a huge help when I was stuck during the test. I strongly recommend Dominate Test Prep to anyone!

Zack Larson, USA

This course has been unbelievably helpful. I took another course before I found Dominate Test Prep, and I did not see the progress after that course that I am already seeing with your course. Having been out of school for more than 10 years, I really like the way that everything is broken down and the systematic approach to individual problems and the test itself. I cannot thank you enough and will be recommending Dominate Test Prep to everyone I know going to business school. 

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