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Four days isn't enough time to get through our entire GMAT Focus Edition course (there's a lot in there), so we've hand-picked some of our best stuff to make available to you as part of the free trial. These high-yield lessons and practice questions will have an immediate impact on helping you get more right answers on test day.

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Download our detailed course syllabus that lays out the ideal, step-by-step game plan for dominating the GMAT Focus Edition. Take the guesswork out of your GMAT prep.

Ninja Strategies

Learn the two most important non-standard Problem Solving strategiesĀ that will help you solve many of the most challenging GMAT Focus Quantitative questions.

Content Review

Dust off those math and verbal cobwebs as you brush up on key Number Theory principles and learn the foundations of logical arguments for GMAT Critical Reasoning.


After completing the lessons in the Number Properties module, test yourself with the accompanying practice questions (available as online quiz or PDF worksheet).

Dan Chapman, Toronto

While researching GMAT prep courses, I was overwhelmed with how many options there were to choose from. Fortunately I found Brett! Having watched his complimentary videos, I knew his teaching style aligned with how I wanted to approach my studying. In just 8 weeks with Dominate Test Prep's full course I was able to substantially improve my GMAT score and surpass my dream school’s average. Considering my score progression, this GMAT course was definitely worth the price of admission — with the added benefit of a portion of the course tuition going towards charity.