GRE Probability & Combinatorics - Video Course

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Learn key methodologies for solving even the most challenging probability and combinatorics (counting) questions on GRE problem solving and quantitative comparison questions -- without memorizing a bunch of formulas! Includes a practice worksheet and detailed video answer explanations. Take your GRE prep to the next level today!

What People Are Saying:

Having never taken Stats, I was not feeling confident about the probability and combinations/permutations questions. Brett broke it down to the very basics: he went through the logic behind the problems, rather than just giving equations that I’d seen in all my other study books. I’ve gone back and re-done all these types of questions that I had missed before and got almost all of them right the second time around. I’m feeling MUCH more confident now, and there was no memorization involved — I truly understand the scope of the questions now. Time and money well spent!

Leslie Vorhees, Jakarta, Indonesia

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