GRE Word Problems - Video Course

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Detailed review of the most commonly-tested word problems tested on the GRE including age problems, consecutive integers, mixtures, work-rate and distance-rate problems, defined operations, and sets. This course includes 8 instructional videos plus a worksheet with sample GRE word problemsĀ and detailed video answer explanations. Take your GRE prep to the next level today!

What People Are Saying:

Brett's quant videos helped the otherwise challenging math concepts make sense for me in ways that my previous course had not -- a course I paid a lot more money for, by the way! Less than two weeks after diving in to this Dominate Test Prep video course, I retested, boosted my quant score big-time, and am now in a great place to be able to apply to my target school. Thank you for everything!

Mary M., Santa Ana, CA

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