GRE Text Completion - Video Course

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Detailed review of the mindset, step-by-step methodology, and vocabulary you'll need to do well on GRE Text Completion questions, including five key strategies for getting right answers even when you don't know what some of the words mean in the sentence(s) or answer choices. This course includes 10 instructional videos, a list of the 400 most commonly-tested GRE vocabulary words, and a worksheet with sample GRE text completion questions and detailed video answer explanations. Take your GRE prep to the next level today!

What People Are Saying:

As a native Spanish speaker with a limited English vocabulary, the lessons in this course were exactly what I needed to boost my GRE verbal score. Brett explains things so clearly with great examples, and the vocabulary list was important for me as well. I’m applying for a PhD programme in infectious diseases, and I know my strong GRE score will help me get in. I definitely recommend Brett´s course as it gives you the best tool belt for test day.

Pablo Jimenez, Bogotá, Colombia

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Really want to dominate GRE Verbal? Don't forget Sentence Equivalence!

You can think of Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence as two sides of the same Sentence Completion "coin." While the vocabulary and some of the strategies you'll learn in this Text Completion course will help you on Sentence Equivalence questions, there are unique Sentence Equivalence methodologies and mindsets that you'll need to learn as well. 

As such, I wanted to give you the opportunity to add my "GRE Sentence Equivalence Video Course" now so that you can tackle both question types at the same time. It's only $27 and comes with a comprehensive suite of instructional videos and practice problems. With both of these courses you'll have everything you need to dominate Sentence Completions on the GRE verbal section!