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As important as learning the rules of Circles is for a high GMAT quant score, the most commonly-tested geometric figure on the GMAT is actually TrianglesAdd our complete GMAT Triangles Course for only $27 to round out your geometry skill set so that you're equipped to get right answers on even more geometry-related questions on test day!

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GMAT Geometry: Circles - Video Course + Practice

This comprehensive, on-demand course will help you build a solid foundation for answering GMAT questions involving circles, one of the most commonly-tested geometric figures. It includes:

  • Detailed video lessons teaching everything you need to know about Circles as they're tested on the GMAT, including important formulas and definitions, how to determine the area of sectors, calculating arcs and chords, tangents, finding the area of shaded regions, and more;
  • practice worksheet -- available as an online quiz or downloadable PDF -- to test your understanding of what you're learning in the course;
  • Detailed video solutions for each of the questions in the practice assessment;
  • Exclusive member's area for personalized support;
  • 6-month access.

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What People Are Saying:

With only three weeks to prepare for the GMAT, I turned to Dominate the GMAT's video lessons for help. They were easy to follow and unlocked the geometry that I seemed to have forgotten in the years since I was last in school. The Dominate the GMAT lessons were fantastic and what seemed impossible — relearning math — became possible. I might even say it was fun. Thanks to Brett I felt prepared and comfortable going into the test and fared much better than I initially though I would. Brett breaks down difficult concepts through use of analogies, strategies, and techniques that make learning fun and easy. The course is results driven, affordable, and easy to follow. It was a great investment.

Neil Anderson, Boston, MA