GMAT Geometry: Circles - Video Course

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A thorough review of circles, one of the most commonly-tested geometric figure on the GMAT, including important circle formulas and definitions, finding the area of sectors of a circle, calculating arcs and chords, understanding central angles and inscribed angles, tangents, and finding the area of shaded regions. This course also includes a worksheet with sample GMAT circles questions and detailed video answer explanations. Take your GMAT prep to the next level today!

What People Are Saying:

“With only three weeks to prepare for the GMAT, I turned to Dominate the GMAT's video lessons for help. They were easy to follow and unlocked the geometry that I seemed to have forgotten in the years since I was last in school. The Dominate the GMAT lessons were fantastic and what seemed impossible — relearning math — became possible. I might even say it was fun. Thanks to Brett I felt prepared and comfortable going into the test and fared much better than I initially though I would. Brett breaks down difficult concepts through use of analogies, strategies, and techniques that make learning fun and easy. The course is results driven, affordable, and easy to follow. It was a great investment.”

Neil Anderson, Boston, MA

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