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Quickly and easily boost your GRE quantitative score in just 30 minutes by implementing the advanced non-standard math strategies taught in this video -- and have more confidence on test day!

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  • The ideal mindset for attacking discrete problem solving questions on the quantitative section of the GRE;
  • How classical conditioning theory can provide you with the tools to immediately know how to proceed on different question types as soon as they pop up on your computer screen, and also how to get un-stuck on problems you’re not sure how to answer;
  • One of the most important non-traditional GRE math strategies for out-thinking the test makers and getting right answers on hard question more quickly, more easily, and without having to use traditional algebra;
  • Exactly WHEN to use this particular strategy as well as a step-by-step methodology for HOW to implement it, with detailed application examples;
  • And more!


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Coming in with no GRE experience, in a period of only a few weeks this GRE course gave me the tools to be able to be confident with the test and get the score I needed. Brett’s strategies make complex topics more accessible and his non-standard techniques for getting right answers were definitely a game-changer!

William Taylor, Boston, MA

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