GMAT Algebra - Video Course

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Detailed review of the algebra concepts GMAT students often have the most difficulty with, including the most common quadratic equations tested on the GMAT, the easiest and quickest ways to solve simultaneous equations and inequalities, exponent and roots/radicals rules, simplifying algebraic expressions, and algebraic functions. This course includes 8 instructional videos plus a worksheet with sample GMAT algebra questions and detailed video answer explanations. Take your GMAT prep to the next level today!

What People Are Saying:

“I feel lucky to have come across Brett’s GMAT video tutorials. They broke down many of the barriers that I faced while trying to study for the GMAT on my own. Brett’s videos and worksheets made the concepts significantly more understandable than the name-brand textbooks I was trying to use on my own. It’s truly amazing to see how the quantitative problems on the GMAT can be methodically dissected and attacked with a strategic game-plan. Brett is a talented and passionate instructor who always seemed to go the extra mile. Dominate the GMAT was nothing short of an excellent experience. The result? I dominated the GMAT. In fact, I received an academic scholarship and gained admission to my top-choice MBA program!”

John Mason, Tallahassee, FL

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